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“Shirley Yeung was the third realtor I worked with – I liked all three, all were very personable.  What made Shirley stand out was her knowledge, experience, professionalism, and commitment.  She taught me a lot, this being my first purchase, and at no time did I ever doubt her intentions were anything but to help me make the smartest purchase within my budget.  I will only work with Shirley again, have complete trust in her and strongly recommend her.”

– Elaine Ray

“My wife and I had initially struggled to find a home for our family. If it wasn’t for Shirley, we would still be looking for a property. Shirley took us through the buying process with enormous patience. We were lucky to have her held our hands onto every stage and guided us with her incomparable knowledge and experience of realty purchasing. Shirley, with her sharp senses of the market, analyzed for us the timing and every detail we needed to consider for our purchase. After our first purchase, Shirley aided our family by assisting us trading our property. Our family went from just having enough space for the family to sleep to enjoying an environment where children thrive. Shirley cares about her customers. She also knows her customers. We were very happy of Shirley’s service and will continue to seek her help with the realty market.”

– Natalie Qiu and Logan Sun

“Shirley was very professional and knowledgeable. She was always there for my best interest. Shirley was honestly the best realtor I have ever had!”

– Yoko